Andrew Edwards, the lucky winner of the co-driver competition

Published: 03.11.17 Text: Photos: Private
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"The breaking and corner speed on slippy gravel was crazy."

Andrew Edwards was two times lucky in Wales Rally GB. He won the sit in competition with Mads Østberg, and his friend Elfyn Evans – who he used to co-drive for – won Wales Rally GB overall! sent the lucky winner to Denbigh in Wales last week for the co-driver experience with Mads Østberg in his 2017 WRC car. We were eager to hear about his day and what it was like sitting in the car with Mads Østberg. Therefore, we asked him a few questions about his experience, which now want to share with all of you!

  1. What was it like being in the car with Mads Østberg?
    It was awesome, the performance of these 2017 cars is phenomenal, the breaking and corner speed on slippy gravel was crazy. Emil Axelsson, Mads Østberg co-driver also took the time to explain to us what all the various buttons were for, which was really nice and interesting.
  2. How did you react when you got the phone call telling you that you were the lucky winner?
    To be honest, when I first got the call that I was the winner of the sit in co-driver experience with Mads Østberg I thought it was a hoax. But as I got the email confirming I was the winner I was over the moon to realise it was actually happening!
  3. Tell us about your day in Wales with Mads Østberg and his team?
    It was an enjoyable day, Mads had some issues with the car, which meant we had to wait around for a bit, but that’s what you have to expect when you’re working with material sports. While the team were fixing the car we went spectating as the test stage was so close.
  4. How was it being part of Mads Østbergs team for a day?
    It was fun being part of a WRC team for a day. But as there were some issues with the car the team had a very busy day.
  5. Did you learn anything about rally that you didn’t know?
    No. I’m a very keen rally fan, therefore I had all the information on the rally before hand.
  6. We heard there were some problems with the car during the test, how do you think team Østberg handled it?
    I think it was very frustrating for them, but I noticed that they were eliminating one scenario before moving on to the next rather than trying to change several things at once, which was good. I’m not sure if the full resolved the problem after reading the reason for retirement on Saturday of the rally!
  7. What was the highlight of the day?
    The highlight of the day was by far the passenger ride. It was awesome!

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